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Puncelles Room

For babies of 5 months to 2 years, this room provides a safe environment within which  to explore the world around them..

Puncelles is divided into two rooms, the smaller room with a cushioned floor in which children can move around and have space to take those initial first steps while learning to play with peers. The second larger room is for children who are stable on their feet and therefore less likely to fall.  Age appropriate activities take place in both rooms and children will pass from one room to another at certain times of the day to take part in planned activities.  The younger children are encouraged to take part in activities in the main room such as water, sand and art activities with the older children, but these activities also take place in a smaller way in their own room.   Each day is planned so the children are learning through play and having fun, ensuring high expectations for children to achieve their best outcomes.  Where possible, activities take place outside in the garden. Puncelles room has its own conservatory and garden to ensure other over zealous older children do not knock or bump into them. 

The room is structured around a rota which includes times for meals, snacks, sleep and intimate care. 
 Children are observed throughout the day and key workers are kept updated about change  and developments with their key children through observations and record keeping by their co-workers if they are not present.  Activities are planned for the whole  room but will take into account the individual needs of focused children.  

Each child in Puncelles is allocated their own bed, soft cots are used for the non mobile children and small beds for the older children, Each bed is supplied with its own linen which is changed weekly, or as needed if soiled in any way.  During mealtimes babies are placed into high chairs and the other children eat seated at a table on small chairs.  Babies are fed by staff members but the children are encouraged to feed themselves and be confident in using cutlery as soon as possible, fostering independence and confidence. 

Through strong safeguarding procedures and with a team of well experienced and qualified staff, we endeavour to ensure parents that the children are secure and happy throughout the day, thus enabling the parents to leave the children at the nursery with confidence and allowing them to work, secure in the knowledge their child is well cared for.

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