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About the Nursery

The Pavillion Pre-School is a secure, purpose built unit within Downlane Park in Tottenham close to Tottenham Hale.  We are well known within the community as we have been established on the site for many years.  Lots of the children attending have previously had family members attending here themselves in the past.  We welcome the fact that we live in a multicultural community and that the diverse cultures of this community are by tradition, fully represented within the nursery. 

We have the benefit of a unique setting, with a large garden and outdoor area providing stimulating experiences come rain or shine (Mud kitchen, Wild garden,Climbing frames,  vegetable garden and we are currently working on an outdoor theatre).  The children are supported by well qualified, dedicated and experienced staff,  who are constantly updating their skills with new training.  

We provide fresh and healthy Mediterranean inspired food, cooked daily on the premises. Any food provided by the nursery or brought in by parents must comply with our healthy eating policy.   


We encourage an open-door policy welcoming parental involvement, and regularly invite parents to be involved in new projects, but the current Covid 19 crisis has curtailed  this and we are working within a new Covid 19 Restriction Policy.  




We currently have free 30 hours placements for 3 and 4 year olds we also have free 15 hour placements for 2 year olds (means tested)  

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