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Settling in

We would normally invite parents and carers to come and stay at the nursery, to spend time with their child and the staff, encouraging a smooth transition from home to nursery while liaising with families to ensure we meet the needs of individual children.

We ensure and provide an open and transparent environment, fostering understanding and trust but unfortunately we are unable to invite you into the nursery at the moment.  The current health crisis has resulted in temporary amendments to many of our procedures, including the exclusion of all adults from entering the nursery. To reduce the possibility of any transmission of the virus

Children will now be settled by spending half a day at a time in the nursery for each day of the week they are due to attend.  Arrangements will be made to drop off and collect children from the nursery at agreed times.  We will keep parents informed by our usual feedback information at pickup, but will supplement that with telephone updates and or photos of the child during the morning or afternoon, as we are mindful that parents are concerned how they children will adapt, particularly if babies are being settled. Parents are welcomed to telephone to get an update on their child during this period,.  Should any child settling in be very distressed or upset the parents will be contacted

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